The Story
Guitar Smith Custom Guitars was founded in 2017 by me, Eric Smith. I was formally trained as an artist at the University of North Texas, and have over 35 years of experience in graphic design and marketing. I'm currently a full time art teacher as well as a part time luthier and designer of all sorts of projects that are hand crafted mostly with wood.
As a young kid, I enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work, building things and repairing electronics around the house. I remember music filling the house as my family played vinyl albums on an old turn table filling my spirit with a real appreciation of a variety of genres.
Although now in my 50s, I started playing guitar about 15 years ago. Combining my love of music and my tinkering personality, I decided to build my own guitar and Lone Star was born. With some Lindy Fralin pups and premium electronics, I was excited when I heard the sound and tone that breathes from the instrument. Proud of what I had created, I wanted to share this new found passion with others.
I decided to create Guitar Smith Custom Guitars with the mission of making instruments that are made using environmentally friendly processes, that produce incredibly rich sounds, and can be considered one-of-a-kind works of art. With this venture, I hope to find players that want the same things in the gear they use and will consider letting me create their next guitar that will arrive Made To Be Played.
I pride myself in being able to build a custom guitar to the specs of my clients for a reasonable price, typically for less than you would expect to pay for a premium quality guitar from the mass market companies. Why settle for off the shelf when you can get a custom that fits your style and personality perfectly.
For a quote on a custom guitar built to your specifications, contact Eric at 214-803-7799 or by email at