the process
Having a background in graphic design and working with international clients on award winning designs, I understand how important it is for clients to see what their project might look like before production ever begins. This same principle holds true in the development of my custom guitars.
First, we will discuss the type of music you plan to play, if there's a body shape you prefer, neck style and material, and any customization you want to make it your own. Does your style require premium electronics? Do you want Made in the USA components or does your budget limit you to imported materials?
Once I have a good understanding of the direction of the project, I will go to work on a budget and designs. In most cases, I provide my clients at least 3 conceptual renderings of what the guitar could look like. Maybe you like this element of this design, and another element of problem, I will revise the design until we find the perfect look to match your personality and style.
At this point, to get your project in the queue, we set up a payment of 50% of the total budget. This ensures your place on my workbench and my ability to secure the parts needed for your project. Depending on my current workload and the finish requirements of the build, you can expect the project to take usually 6-8 weeks. Sometimes delays occur when I am waiting on components being crafted by some of my suppliers such as a custom neck or electronics.
Along the way, I will send you photographs of your build so you can have a historical record of your masterpiece. Once your guitar is finished, I will set the guitar up properly so that the only thing you will need to do when you receive it is spin the tuners a couple of times to tune it up and start jamming. Upon payment of the project balance, I will ship it immediately, and usually via FedEx Ground.
If you're ready to start the PROCESS for creating your one-of-a-kind monster of a guitar, just let me know. You can contact me at 214-803-7799 or by email at